6 German Shepherd Puppy Pictures

German Shepherd Puppy. On October 11, a young German shepherd, with her litter of two-month-old mixed breed puppies, was made available for adoption at the Garland Animal Shelter in

6 Long Haired German Shepherd Photos

Long Haired German Shepherd. The most unique and amazing one was Max, who looks like a full size German Shepherd head and tail, on stumpy little Corgi legs! Long

Tips to Care for Your Chihuahua Puppies

Tips to Care for Your Chihuahua Puppies One of the most popular dog breeds, Chihuahua need special care because of their small size. If your puppy is cared properly,

Black German Shepherd Breeders

Black German Shepherd. German Shepherds can be a variety of colors, the most common of which are the red, tan, brown, black, tan/black and red/black varieties. Also known as

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